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The people of Guatemala are daily affected by poverty, malnutrition and other conditions that threaten their health. Providing rural villages and communities with the proper medical care is crucial. Donate today and help Guatemalans get access to the healthcare they need.

Where do your donations go?


Deyri Mejia had been in bed for one month because she was too tired to walk. She and her family members traveled with us to San Benito so that she could receive blood transfusions. She now lives happily with her husband and young child in Cristo Rey.

Funds to travel to and from San Benito for one person | Round trip on bus
Cost: $20

Every year RSV strikes young children.  In communities with electricity or a generator, a nebulizer and albuterol ampules (1.25 mg each) would allow local health promoters to treat these children without having to make the 3 hour trip to San Benito be hospitalized. If you can provide the nebulizer our health team can provide the albuterol.

Cost for one nebulizer
Cost: $30

Funds for patients to Guatemala City – One way in ambulance
Cost: $100

Funds for patients to San Benito – One way in ambulance
Cost: $40

Prenatal vitamins containing iron and folic acid are essential for women of child bearing age – especially those who are iron deficient from malaria.

Offer Susanna these vitamins for a year
Cost: $40

Sometimes carrying water is fun – when you know it helps you and your family to stay healthy. Help a family to buy a home water purification unit.

One Ecofiltro costs
Cost: $80

Offer a mother-to-be prenatal vitamins for a term pregnancy
Cost: $30

Offer diabetes and hypertension screening to 50 patients in a remote village
Cost: $100

Mitch – in the red pants – came to us in San Benito because he needed treatment for malnutrition. Now 2 years later thanks to our doctors his hair has turned from red to brown and his bulging stomach is receding.

Treat 10 children for amoebas in a remote village
Cost: $40

Isabel, 44, has eight children, eats chicken one time per month. She remains iron deficient from her diet and multi-pregnancies

Offer a mother vitamins for 9 month
Cost: $30